Your Problems:

  • My marketing and operations teams are always at loggerheads!
  • Why do my key suppliers let me down?
  • Our inventories are Always high!
  • Too many SKUs!
  • Are our warehouses responsive?
  • How do we build retail cooperation?
  • Our Brand Image is not adequate to build strong retailer relationships – what do we do?

Our Services:

  • We begin with an assessment of the SCM practices.
  • We facilitate in building a strong Supply Chain Strategy as a precursor to further planning and implementation.
  • We motivate companies to build focused processes on Demand Forecasting, Planning, Sensing and Management.
  • We model and build optimized Supply Chain infrastructure.
  • Strategic Inventory Planning facilitates optimal total cost of operations while maximizing customer service.
  • We train client employees on building an agile and effective internal supply chain mechanism through a network of processes that focus on specific deliverables including sustainability, maintenance and planning.
  • We disseminate end to end knowledge in SCM from Strategic Sourcing, Internal Supply Management, Distributor Relationship, Warehouse Management and Retail Management.