Your Problems:

  • Why is our product’s performance below par even though meticulous care is taken at all stages?
  • Why are the rejection rates high despite best efforts? 
  • Why is re-work high?
  • Why are production & quality engineers at loggerheads?

Our Services:

  • Firmly believing that the product reflects its implementation of ISO 9001:2015. We ensure a clear measure of the average outgoing quality of the product to provide a true metric of the robustness of the QMS.
  • Organizing work at client sites through a strong team, building employee strategy to ensure designed levels of product & process quality.
  • Proper adaptation of Statistical Process Capability and Control tools where necessary to simplify the QMS practice. Employees are offered training on Statistical Process Control (including software).
  • We train and motivate integrating quality along the value chain, triggering the motivating journey into the Extended Enterprise concept.
  • We adopt Gemba Management for all practices of quality assurance. Strong employee engagement initiatives are used to investigate process failures and for problem solving.